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The Author

Michelle Cadeau is the mom of two Swedish-Haitian-American
brothers who live right outside of New York City...

She has be active in multilingual and multicultural identity questions for a long time. The idea
for the Jay Jay and Totte books came many years ago but now when her Jay Jay and Totte are older she had time to make them actual books.


Michelle is originally from Sweden and writes her books in Swedish first and then she translates them to English.

"I am writing from my heart and that has to be done in my own language" she says.

Michelle also writes books about multilingualism and emigration. However, these have only been published in Swedish so far.

Being a mom of two mixed children and in a interracial marriage she writes about the experiences in her own family. Michelle wants the rest of the world to realize how special our children are at the same time as she wants to boost our mixed children's self esteem and educate educators and parents on how our children are unique.

Book Michelle!

You can book Michelle Cadeau for an appearance at your event/store/library. Being not just an author but an advocate for the multicultural family she is a great resource for the multicultural community.

Michelle's 'story hours' are not the typical ones. She enjoys being interactive with the children, talking to them about their heritage and their backgrounds.

A typical 'story hour' with Michelle and 'My unique family' includes an interactive work shop, discussions and of course, the reading of the book.

To set up a meeting or book an appearance contact us via phone or email.

Phone: 1 973 325 2157
E mail: michelle@jayjayandtotte.com

The illustrator


Håkan Eklund is native of Sweden where he lives and works. He illustrates on his free time (even though a lot of us think he should do it full time!).

'My unique family' is Håkans first children's book. When he was approached by the author Michelle he let her see some illustrations he had done before. Michelle in return sent him the manuscript for him to see if he felt the books context was right for him.

The manuscript went straight to Håkan's heart since he and his wife have an adopted daughter from China and by that has a multicultural family of his own.

The picture here is the first picture that Håkan did for the book. In the picture is Håkan's own family: his wife, his adopted daughter and himself.

Håkan's website http://doghead.info.se

To contact Håkan send an e mail to doghead@koping.net


The lay out artist


italyEmma Ageberg has worked with Michelle on other projects. When they had to find a lay out artist for the book Michelle immediately contacted Emma.

Luckily Emma said yes! and she started designing the book and do the lay out. The results are fantastic!

Emma lives in Italy with her Italian husband and their two mixed sons. It was just logical that Emma and her family would be a part of the book. This is their picture.

Emma works with all aspects of design and lay out. Her great creativity combined with her way of understanding exactly what you want makes her a great designer/lay out artist.

To contact Emma send an e mail to


The photographer


Mia Strömberg has taken the pictures of Michelle and her family. Mia is a great New York City based photographer.

To see some more of Mia's work go to her website



The publisher


To contact us send an email to info@jayjayandtotte.com

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