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My unique family!


This book is written for all children that are mixed, one way or another. Very seldom do these children get acknowledged for how unique they are, even though they are multilingual and ‘world citizens' in their multiculturalism. It is important for our children to be proud of their backgrounds.

It is especially important if you are not like everyone else around you. I hope that this book will help our children
to see how special and unique they are and I also hope it will help the people around them to understand how unique and great they are.

There has been a small mix up in the first edition of 'My unique family.' Thailand's flag has ended up where Gambia's flag should be. We apologize and it will of course be fixed in the second edition of the book.

In the mean time this is what Gambia's flag looks like:



Take a look inside the book:








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To parents: If you are a parent of a mixed child maybe you have already gotten the question of why he or she is different. Our children will always be “different” and
maybe fit in 80% in each category – but on the other side 80% + 80% is 160% instead of the regular 100%. Our mixed children have such an advantage by their multicultural
lives. I hope this book will give your child/children a positive view of their multiculturalism.

Also, remember that it is important for children to be with other children in the same situation and to be able to fit in. Make sure you have other multicultural families in your
life and around your family.

To teachers: With this book I am hoping to give you the means to use when explaining multiculturalism to ‘your’ children (mixed and non-mixed). This book shows
how multiculturalism is positive and at the same time it teaches about other countries and languages. To embrace the multiculturalism is important! Especially important for
children. We live in a world leaning more and more toward multiculturalism and our mixed children need to be accepted and they need to accept themselves.

Unfortunately not all children in this world get a positive view of multiculturalism and people from other countries in their homes, so therefore in pre-school and in school it is
important that this issue is brought up.

At the end of the book there are questions that can be used for discussions. If you have kids from a foreign country in your class let them be highlighted and tell the class about
their country, languages and family. Let this be their time to shine!


What am I?

Soon the next book in the series will be released.

'What am I?' discusses race. Jay Jay & Totte are mixed, black West Indian dad and white Scandinavian mom. So what does that make the boys? Haitians? Swedes? Or maybe Americans since they live here?

Follow Jay Jay on his journey to find out what he is.

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