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My unique family with Jay Jay and Totte by Michelle Cadeau. This collection of international information is perfect for multicultural children as well as their parents and teachers. The fun and creative explanations of each international family in the book, teach us to cherish our own heritage as well as that of others. Includes a glossary that provides a wealth of linguistic and cultural information.
Skipping stones

Michelle Cadeau has painted the perfect picture of multiculturalism in her first book, My Unique Family. Through the pages, she proves over and over again that not only are bilingual children unique in culture but also in heart. She has expressed diversity in a new and expressive way by incorporating their cultures, but also the cultures of many other countries all over the world.

            Though a very simple format, the straightforwardness of her sentences and structured book proves to be very effective for expressing “racially” mixed families. This short book has broken down a barrier for young students suffering from racism and bullying because of their backgrounds. Not only does it encourage young people to be proud of their origins, it also teaches those who do not ask questions, to be informed.

            Michelle Cadeau is the mom of two Swedish-Haitian-American brothers who live right outside New York City. She had the idea of the JayJay and Totte books for a few years but had wanted to wait until her sons were older so they could understand the meaning behind her words.

            In conclusion, the author has captured the true beauty of multiculturalism and has expressed it an educational and entertaining way. It would make a great read for teachers who are looking for ways to expand the horizons of their students. Allbooks Reviews

Jay Jay and Totte are two boys who live with their parents, Dad James from Haiti, and Mom Petra from Sweden, outside of New York City, NY. Because of how they look and the fact that they can speak three languages, the boys notice that people often stare at them and it makes them feel different. Their Mom tells them that they are not really different, but they are unique. She also reminds them of their cousin Rosanna, whose Dad is from Sweden and her Mom is from Thailand, along with other relatives and friends from Iceland, Lebanon, Norway, Mexico, France, England, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Gambia, China, Brazil, Denmark, Chile, Trinidad, Eritrea, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Ireland, and Switzerland. What do the boys think about all that?

     In a world that is becoming smaller and smaller, many children come from a mixed background. It is important for these children to know about and be proud of their ancestry. It is also important for other children to remember that not everyone else is like them. Parents and teachers can use this book both with children who are mixed to answer their questions in a positive way and with children who are not mixed to explain why mixed children need to be accepted. In the back, there is a glossary of languages from different countries with how to say "My name is..." and "What is your name?" in those languages, along with some questions that can be used for discussion. There are also facts about each of the countries mentioned in the text. This is a great educational tool that will be fun to read. I give it two thumbs up!

I have finished reading and reviewing your book, My Unique Family.  Both of our children are adopted.  The older had a birth mother who was half Filipino (on her mother's side), and the younger had a birth mother who was half Japanese (on her father's side), so I found the book fascinating.
Wayne S. Walker, Father

My Unique Family is an ideal literary companion for a young child who is embarking on the most exciting journey of all -- identity development!  Regardless of whether or not your family is multi-cultural in regard to ethnicity or heritage (my own is not) this engaging, delightfully-illustrated book encourages readers to perceive the beauty of families that come in "different" colors, shapes and sizes -- while also learning lots of fun facts about language and world geography.   

Mary Cunningham, MA, Ed.M., Parent, School Counselor/Family Therapist, New Jersey, USA


My Unique Family! is a most have book!

I'm a mom of two fantastic kids (3 & 5) and as this book beautiful explained I have a unique family too, I am from Venezuela
& my husband from USA and kids 50/50.

I could not be more grateful to Michelle Cadeau for the most inspiring book I have read in the last couple of years. This book brought me to tears and to laugh page by page. Most importantly it is an excellent learning tool for all ages. It would be a great addition to any school system
curricula; both of my kids loved and enjoyed the book and the beautiful drawings in the book. I'm hoping there is more Unique Family's book coming after this one.

Alexandra Sanchez  - DeRonde
Mom of two mixed kids

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