Jay Jay & Totte

The story

The idea to the 'Jay Jay & Totte' series has been developing over the years. In fact, the manuscript was sent to a few Swedish publishers in 2002. All of them refused it.

The author, Michelle Cadeau, firmly believes that there is a reason for everything. The reason for the no's might have been that there would be a better time and place.

When Michelle got signed with King Ink she first wrote books about multilingualism and related issues. After the two first books came out the publisher started to ask for more material. Michelle pitched the 'Jay Jay & Totte' idea and the reply this time was: "When can you have it done"

Michelle got paired up with Håkan Eklund, the illustrator, and the work began. With Michelle in the US and Håkan in Sweden there was some serious e mailing going on. Håkan took on the project right after reading the manuscript. Turns out he is the father of a little girl adopted from China so he took the book to heart immediately.

The reason

Why are these books important? How are they different from other similar books?

The 'Jay Jay & Totte' series is written with our children in mind. The books help explain and straighten out question marks not only for our mixed children but also for the regular, mono-cultural child.

The books give teachers and parents the means to explain and further discuss the subjects. With two sets of questions at the end of the books (one for the mixed child and one for the child who only has one culture at home) the books help the children understand and set the 'mixed' situation in perspective.

Our mixed children are so special and unique but very seldom do they get the recognition they deserve (and need.) These books hope to change that - on all levels!

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