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Sweden (Sverige)

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Sweden's official name is Kingdom of Sweden (Kungariket Sverige)

Sweden is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe and is a Nordic country (The Nordic countries are: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and their associated territories which include the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland) Sweden is also a part of Scandinavia which consists of the kingdoms of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Sweden’s neighboring countries are, by land, Norway and Finland and, by the Öresund Bridge, Denmark. Sweden is a part of the European Union (EU). People from Sweden are Swedish or Swedes.

Five national minorities are recognized in Sweden. These are the Sami (an indigenous people), the Swedish Finns, the Tornedalers, the Roma and the Jews. All of these groups have existed in Sweden for a very long time and are therefore part of Sweden's cultural heritage. 

Capital:  Stockholm (which happens to be the largest city in Sweden and in Scandinavia)
2nd largest city: Göteborg (Gothenburg)
3rd largest city: Malmö (Malmoe)

Population: 9.2 million
Area: 449,964 square kilometers (173,732 sq miles)
Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe and the fourth largest in Europe.
Population density: 20 people per km² (52 per square mile).

(How do you calculate population density? Take the population and divide by the area. In this case 9,200,000/449,964=20.4406)

Official language: Sweden does not have an official language! There are five historic national minority languages in Sweden. They are jiddisch, romani chib (all dialects), samiska (all dialects), finnish and meänkieli. But Swedish is of course the language everyone speaks.
Government: Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy
Monarch King: Carl XVI (the 16th) Gustav

(Do you know your roman numerals?)

Currency: Swedish crowns (svenska kronor SEK)

Midnight sun:
In summer, the regions north of the Arctic Circle enjoy between one and two months of Midnight Sun – a very long period of constant daylight. So the concepts of ‘day’ and ‘night’ become blurred, with nighttime being just a dimmer version of daytime.

The Midnight Sun conditions of summer are, of course, balanced by a winter phenomenon called Polar Night. This is when the sun never rises above the horizon, during a 24-hour period. At midday, if the sun is just below the horizon, there might be a few hours of very dim light.

This is in the northern most part of Sweden but even in the south the summer nights are long and the winter days are short.  

The Ice hotel:
Imagine a hotel that is made out of is - entirely. Beds, restaurants, lamps... you name it and it is made out of ice. This happens at the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.




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