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Welcome to the teacher's corner at Jay Jay & Totte!

We have collected some information especially for you and your students.

When we meet teacher's they often fall in love with the book and use it as a tool in the class rooms. We love this since that was one of the reasons the book was created.

All the info on these pages are for you and your children to use. Feel free to copy the material and pictures that are on this part of the website. In certain places we are linking to outside websites, please check their copywrite before copying their material.

Facts & Info

Here are more comprehensive facts & info on the countries that are represented in the book.

On these pages you will find fact sheets that can be down loaded, some quizzes and tests.

The quizzes and tests are incorporating culture, traditions and language so it is not a regular test per se but a fun form of learning world geography, currency, traditions and other things.



Here are suggestions for work shops, themes and other fun ways of learning about multicultural children and people from all around the world.

Audio files

We are putting together audio files with the phrases "My name is ..." "What is your name?" in different languages spoken by native speakers.


If you have children in your class that want to submit a story about their multiculturalism or about studying and understanding people from other cultures, we would love it!

In our Kid's corner we will publish short stories and essays from students around the world.

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