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Meet Jay Jay & Totte


JayJay and Totte are two Swedish-Haitian-American brothers who live right outside of New York City together with their Swedish mom and Haitian dad. They speak English, Swedish and Kreyol.
Their skin is just that perfect suntanned color all year around and they have nice curly hair and brown

The books

In the book 'My unique family!' Jay Jay feels like people are staring at him, especially when he speaks Swedish with his mom. One day he asks his mom why people are staring at him. Why he is different.

What do you think his mom answers?

In 'My unique family' you will follow the interesting question and see how Jay Jay's mom answers the question. Through her answer you will meet 18 other mixed families from around the world. You will learn facts about their countries, learn to say the sentences 'My name is ... What is your name?' in over 100 languages.

What readers think about the books:


This is a great educational tool that will be fun to read. I give it two thumbs up!


This short book has broken down a barrier for young students suffering from racism and bullying because of their backgrounds. Not only does it encourage young people to be proud of their origins, it also teaches those who do not ask questions, to be informed.

It would make a great read for teachers who are looking for ways to expand the horizons of their students.

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